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NIMC Members in Armagh

Ardress House

This charming 17th-century farmhouse, elegantly remodelled in Georgian times, offers fun and relaxation for...
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Robinson Library

Armagh Robinson Library, the oldest library in Northern Ireland, was founded in 1771 by...
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Armagh County 

The Classical character of the Museum’s architecture makes it one of the most distinctive...
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Armagh Observatory and Planetarium

Armagh Planetarium is the longest running planetarium in the British Isles. The planetarium was...
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Milford House 

Milford House Collection is located at No. 3 Victoria Street. Housing old master paintings,...
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Royal Irish Fusiliers Museum

The museum is housed in a grade B+ Sovereign’s House. The Eagle Takers Gallery...
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The Argory

Built in the 1820s for the MacGeough Bond family, The Argory was designed by...
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