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NIMC Members in Antrim

Andrew Jackson and US Rangers Centre

The Andrew Jackson Cottage highlights Carrickfergus’ strong American and Ulster-Scots connections as well as...
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Ballycastle Museum

The Ballycastle Museum is housed in the 18th century courthouse and market building. The...
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Ballymoney Museum

This popular museum attracts thousands of visitors each year from across the world. The...
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Carrickfergus Museum

Carrickfergus is the most archaeologically explored town in Northern Ireland. The finds on display...
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Irish Linen Centre & 
Lisburn Museum

The Irish Linen Centre and Lisburn Museum is located in Market Square at the...
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Mid-Antrim Museum

Immerse yourself in the fascinating and surprising history of mid-Antrim. As soon as you...
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Police Museum

The police museum was set up in the 1980’s to explain and illustrate Northern Ireland’s...
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Railway Museum

Whitehead Railway Museum, which was officially opened in 2017, combines the past with the...
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