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New Applicants

Submitting a New Application

Museums interested in applying for Accreditation should first complete an Accreditation Eligibility Questionniare. NIMC will then assess your organisation's eligibility for the scheme, and submit a report to Arts Council England. NIMC will notify you if your application was successful or not within one month.

If confirmed eligible, applicants should then apply via an Online Application System called 'Grantium' hosted by the Arts Council England.

A step by step guidance to using Grantium tailored for Accreditation is available in the 'Help using Grantium' section.

If you have any technical queries about using grantium our customer enquiries team can provide user guidance and support.

To get started on Grantium, museums and galleries will first need to set up a user account and applicant profile if they haven't already used this before. Once validated, they'll be able to start working on their application or return on Grantium.

The new terms and conditions for the Scheme have also been published. These are completed electronically as part of the declaration on Grantium when making a return or application so don't need to be signed offline and sent in/

Should you have any queries about Accreditation please contact the Northern IreIand Accreditation Assessor at or call on 028 9055 0215.