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None That Go Return Again

Somme Museum Runs until 30 January 2020

It is not widely known that the First World War did not end in 1918. It was only when statesmen and politicians sat down in 1919 to agree a treaty that the war officially came to a close. Life changed forever throughout the world and the war impacted hugely on Ireland.

To reflect the closing stages of the war and its aftermath in Ireland, the Somme Museum launched a new exhibition entitled 'None That Go Return Again: the Armistice and the Aftermath. 

Photographs, maps, memorabilia, medals, personal letters, uniforms and film footage of the era will be on display. Of particular interest are evocative images of local soldiers who fought and died as well as the collection from the Somme Museum's archive of letters and artefacts belonging to Lt. Samuel Geddis from Comber.