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Digital Trail

Digital Trail - 'Protest: A collection from Local Museums in Northern Ireland’

Examples of protest are all around us, we are presented with it on the streets, through

the airwaves and on our social media channels. Individuals and groups use objects in

many ways to communicate disapproval, and to campaign for economic, social and

cultural rights. But what of protests in the past, what did they look like, what did they

object to, and are they still relevant today?


From a trade union poster to a punk record, this digital trail examines the powerful role of

objects to protest. The trail features images of objects along with descriptions as well as

details of the local museums across Northern Ireland which care for them.


Use this trail to explore how objects can be used to highlight campaigns, stand up for

different values and ideas and help bring about or disrupt change. The collection

portrays real events and conditions, but more poignantly, taps into sensibilities, objections

and perceived struggles which are of local, national and international relevance.


Dowload the digital trail for free on iBooks at