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Not everyone lived in a castle

Key Stage One Carrickfergus Museum

Come along to Carrickfergus Museum to find out where our medieval ancestors were living in the town and how. Using a range of visuals including our 3D Medieval Model of Carrickfergus, pupils will learn what Carrickfergus might have looked like and the variety of buildings that would have been in the town. Also have a go at making the tallest tower house you can!

Through enquiry based learning we hope to foster curiosity, openness to new ideas and community. 

Skills: Managing information, working with others, communication and thinking

Strands supported: Exploring the Locality, PDMU (Appreciation of the past, experience of pthers and a sense of where they belong), WAU (place and change over time). 

Cost: 1.50 per head

Contact: N/a Telephone Number: 02893358241