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Key Stage Two Carrickfergus Museum

This workshop uses the KS2 WWII and the Armed Forces theme to explore the origins of the elite commando unit, the US Rangers, formed in Carrickfergus in 1942. Delivered in the newly refurbished exhibition space, this session will introduce WWII and what people in the armed forces do, before discovering how the Rangers came into existence. Pupils will watch film footage of veteran Ranger Bob Reed, plus original WWII footage, to discover what it took to become a Ranger. Pupils will also have a chance to handle real WWII artefacts and complete a gallery trail. Session time 2hrs.

This session seeks to foster asnd develop the following skills: Managing information, working with others, communication and thinking skills.

NI curriculum areas of learning: The World Around Us - Exploring the locality. 


Cost: 1.50 per head

Contact: N/a Telephone Number: 02893358241