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Monkey and Dog bones at Carrickfergus

Key Stage Two Carrickfergus Museum

This tour gives pupils a glimpse into Carrickfergus' long and fascinating past. Carrickfergus history is one of trade and prosperity but also one of siege and warfare, which is told through the objects seen on display. Pupils are taken on a journey through the ages to find out how the town grew up around its magnificent Norman castle. Pupils get to view artefacts from the area as well as handle a range of real and replica items. The items range from the Mesolithic era to the Norman, Elizabethan, Victorian,and up to the 19th century. Session Time 1 hour.

This session seeks to foster the development of the following skills: Managing information, working with others, communication and thinking skills. 

NI curriculum areas of learning: The World Around Us - Exploring the locality. 

Cost: 1.50 per head

Contact: N/a Telephone Number: 02893358241