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The Home Front in Northern Ireland

Key Stage Two Northern Ireland War Memorial

In this session children investigate the Home Front in Northern Ireland through a variety of hands-on learning activities.

Pupils are guided through an audio visual presentation on the Belfast blitz, which allows them to consider photographs, newspapers, oral accounts and real objects from the handling collection.
Pupils then visit the Home Front gallery to complete a paper based activity.
A wartime kitchen display allows a discussion about rationing as the children see the weekly rations of food, and handle clothing from the period.
Children can then try on real military and civilian coats and hard hats.

The NI Curriculum areas of learning are: The World around us, Language and Literacy, Personal Development and Mutual Understanding.

The Skills and capabilities used include: thinking, problem solving, decision making, working with others and managing information.

Sessions last for two hours.  Class size is restricted to 30, with larger groups divided over several days.

Cost: Free (Travel Grant Scheme available)

Contact: Jenny Haslett, Education Officer Telephone Number: 028 90320392 Option 2