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Early Man - Digging up the distant past

Key Stage Two Carrickfergus Museum

In this session pupils become archaeologists and discover some genuine prehistoric artefacts. Through the "dig" the pupils will learn how archaeologists piece together the past. Pupils will look at the Prehistoric section of the museum and explore a range of real and replica items allowing pupils to learn more about the differences between the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods. Class size is restricted to 35 and the session lasts 2hrs. The workshop is available at any time throughout the academic year and must be booked in advance.

The NI curriculum areas of learning are: The World Around Us and Language & Literacy

This session seeks to foster the development of the following skills: Managing information, thinking skills and personal capabilities, reading and writing, communication,  and team work.

Cost: 1.50 per head

Contact: N/a Telephone Number: 02893358241