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LET's TALK: Global collections and Decolonisation

Join us for our next LET's TALK where we'll be discussing Global Collections and Decolonisation in Northern Irish local museums.

01 November 2021

LET's TALK: Global Collections and Decolonisation.

3pm Tuesday Nov 23rd  via MS Teams.

In January 2021, Museums, Empire and Northern Irish Identity (MENII) launched. This is an ESRC funded postdoctoral fellowship in Queen’s University, in partnership with National Museums NI, the Northern Ireland Museums Council, the Irish Museums Association, and University of Maynooth.

MENII has three aims: to survey ethnographic and world cultures collections in museums in Northern Ireland; to develop methods for engaging communities with them; and to build a network bridging museums and academia, to strengthen research, understanding and participation in discussing historical collecting practices associated with collections from Africa, the Americas, the Arctic, Asia, and Oceania.

The Museums Association’s Decolonisation Guidance, set to be launched in November 2021, provides an opportunity to talk again about the complex issues of identity and belonging that these collections raise. Let’s Talk on 23rd November is a chance to share your experience of working in partnership with communities to explore diverse historical experience and perspectives; and your views on whether, and how, collections from the Global South can be used to build constructive dialogue, promoting equality, tackling racism, and contributing to a shared future. Dr Briony Widdis will present her initial findings from MENII; and the event will also be an opportunity to talk about what decolonisation means for museums in Northern Ireland.

To book a place please email