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Support #MuseumWeek2021

#MuseumWeek 2021 7-13 June This is an opportunity to show the diversity of our museums and their collections. Get involved if you can. 7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags.

27 May 2021

Support #MuseumWeek2021 image

#MuseumWeek 2021 7-13 June

Do you want to get involved?  Here is some Handy Hints for museums

1.      Review the daily themes for #MuseumWeek 2021

2.      Think of creative ways that your collections may align or give support to the theme

3.      Post/Tweet on your own social media channels

4.      In your post make sure you include the following:

a.      The hashtags #MuseumWeek #MuseumWeek2021

b.      The daily hashtag # e.g. #BehindthescenesMW

c.      The handle for the NI Museums Council @NIMuseums

d.      The handle of any funder or collaborative partner.


Why should you include the handle of the NI Museums Council?

If you tag us into your post by using our handle @NIMuseums then we will get a notification and we can re-post or re-tweet. If we aren’t tagged we can’t repost.

What if you do not have access to social media channels?

We can post/tweet for you on the NI Museums Council’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  We will do one post/tweet per theme/day for each museum.  Please contact:

To make this happen – we will need the following from you:

1.      Which theme/hashtage you want to post under

2.      Facebook – no more than a 20 words post; Twitter – no more than 15 words

3.      One-two images per post/tweet

4.      Any handles that need to be included

5.      Any web address back to your website

Basically – your post/tweet should be ‘oven ready’ so that it can be copied and pasted onto our social media channels

The 7 Hashtags;

Monday, June 7th #OnceUponAtimeMW

Once upon a time, the first day of #MuseumWeek 2021 starts with the theme of "beginning"! Beginning of a book, beginning of a song, beginning of a story, beginning of an era...get creative, explore this theme, and share your finds!

Related Hashtags: #incipit #beginning #birth #origin #root #prelude #start #flying #first #initial


Tuesday, June 8th #BehindTheScenesMW

Ah, backstage! Without the backstage, there is no show! Exploring the hidden treasures as if you had the privileged access, that's a nice theme for this second day of the #MuseumWeek!

Related Hashtags: #secret #decor #confidential #preparation #behindthescenes

Wednesday, June 9th #ChildrensEyesMW

It's Wednesday, the children's day!

Tell your museum's story through children's eyes! Imagine a journey or the discovery of an exhibition as children could have, when visiting your venue! In every adult, there is a child who just wants to express himself, who wonders, who naively and authentically questions the world around him. Give them a voice and share!

Related Hashtags: #childhood #questions #surprise

Thursday, June 10th #EurekaMW

A tribute to inventors and inventions of all kinds on this fourth day of #MuseumWeek with the nod to those who love to exclaim "I've figured it out!”.

Science and history are bursting with inventors, techniques and discoveries that have changed or revolutionized the world. Let the public discover them.

Related Hashtags: #solution #DIY #discovery #invention #success #tricks #FoundIt

Friday, June 11th #CaptionThisMW

A Friday is dedicated to play, interaction and creativity between the museums and their online audiences!

Challenge your followers with content from your museum: "What would you have called this painting? ", "Give this intriguing scientific image a title!", "What is the name of this symphony?? Related Hashtags: #legende #imagination #title #name #captions

Saturday, June 12th #ArtIsEverywhereMW

Art, design, beauty, and poetry are to be found everywhere for those who are willing to look closely! Who hasn't been cloud spotting, finding familiar shapes, be it in a cloud, a tree branch or a puddle of water? Today, let's approach it as an investigation, take a snapshot or record a video, and share!

By showcasing design views of the building's interior or exterior, its architecture, or simply finding beauty and art where none was necessarily intended, museum community managers will showcase creativity and give a different look at their cultural venue!

Related Hashtags: #gestalt #beauty #StreetArt #iLoveDesign #design #Poesie #imagination #anthropomorphisms

Sunday, June 13th #WordsForTheFutureMW

Leave a note, a photo, a video, a statement for future generations or for yourself.

The opportunity to publish messages for future visitors! You can also print out feedback forms to be filled by your visitors! Great moment for the Internet users who can project themselves in the future and send statements to the generations to come!


Related Hashtags: #WordsForTheFutureMW, #ForTheFutureMW, #MemoryOfTheFutureMW, #TheWorldAfterMW, #ForFutureGenerationsMW, #MessageInABottleMW

More information available from Museum Week website.