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Reimagine Remake Replay named 'Best Museums Change Lives Project'

Youth engagement project changing the lives of young people across Northern Ireland has won the prestigious Museums Association's 'Best Museums Change Lives Project' award.

09 November 2020

 Reimagine Remake Replay has engaged more than 3000 young people in creative programmes, events and workshops in both national and local museums across Northern Ireland over the last two years.

Project highlights have included a 3-day youth festival taking over Derry's built heritage, a late night event in the Ulster Museum attracting more than 800 attendees, an escape room in Mid-Antri Museum, virtual reality museum spaces and a range of high quality content reimagining museum collections as 3D printed models, digital designs and films.

Joe Carlin, Reimagine Remake Replay project manager at the Nerve Centre said, "Young people have traditionally been an under-represented group in museums.  This project makes heritage relevant and accessible to young people aged 16-25 through cutting edge creative media and the latest digital technologies.

The 'Best Museums Change Lives Project' award recognises the best project in the past year across the UK that reflects one or more of the themes: Promoting health and Wellbeing; Creating Better Places and Inspiring Engagement, reflection and Debate.

Reimagine Remake Replay has empowered young people to gain new digital skills, including accreditations and Digital Badges, make thousands of creative outputs and improve their mental health and self-confidence.  

Project participant Sorcha Ni Cheallaigh, said "I don't know how the Reimagine Remake Replay do it, but they run a top class programme with showcase opportunities and invaluable work experience, all the while caring about their participants.  Within the project, I fosteres a new and open path of communication regarding my mental and physical health.  I could communicate my mental and physical needs to those I am working alongside and learnt valuable skills that I will be able to take into employment."

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