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Recovery Grant - supporting accredited independent museums

The Recovery Grant programme is funded by the Art Fund and the NI Museums Council.

25 August 2020

About the Recovery Grant

For some museums, recovery is about planning to reopen or sustaining reopening, but for others it is about seeking a more effective way of working at home that enables connections with staff and audiences to be maintained while the museum remains closed.  The Recovery Grant is for both.

The Recovery Grant can support the costs of re-opening in a way that ensures the safety and confidence of staff, volunteers, and visitors while restrictions are still in place due to COVID-19. 

Applicants much follow the NI Executive’s guidelines for re-opening:

Working at home will remain in place for many museum staff for the next few months.  Therefore, this grant will also support the costs of working at home that ensures an effective business service for the public, funders, and all service users.

The fund will contribute towards the costs of essential adaptations, equipment and training.   

Timelines and Deadlines

This fund will open on Wednesday 26 August 2020. 

• Round 1 deadline:  

• Round 2 deadline:  


Recovery Grant - Guidance Notes

Recovery Grant - Application Form