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Archaeology Unlocked! 11-19 July 2020- join us

Please join us in this year's digital Council for British Archaeology's Festival of Archaeology for lots of new and exciting ways to discover our past. Online events, activities and projects celebrate the value of archaeology, our local landscapes, places, artefacts, folklore and culture.

07 July 2020

Archaeology Unlocked! is all about 'unlocking' the past, and exploring local heritage on our doorsteps through five different themes during the Festival week:

  • 11-12th July- People & Places, #HeritageNIPeoplePlaces
  • 13-14th July- Life & Death, #HeritageNILifeDeath
  • 15-16th July- Rivers & Bogs, #HeriatgeNIRiversBogs
  • 17-18th July- Health & Medicine,  #HeritageNIHealthMedicine
  • 19-20th July- Erosion & Erasure, #HeritageNIErosionErasure

Do you want to join in? If so, please do the following:

1. tag the NI Museums Council @NIMuseums

2. use the Twitter hashtags #HeritageNI and #archaeologyunlocked

Please visit the website for more details and information of what's on

Archaeology Unlocked! is sponsored by Heritage Hub @QUB, Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis, and NI Museums Council.