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Museums in Recovery

Museums will recover - but it will be a slow process

08 June 2020


Sir Ian Blatchford, NMDC Chair and Science Museum Group Director, has written for The Telegraph, assessing the situation of the sector and how and when museums are likely to reopen. Published on the 4th June, in the article he says that although the Government has given 4th July (in England) as the earliest possible opening date “do not expect many of our national and regional museums to be racing towards it with undue haste…our path to reopening will be guided by two things: the safety of our visitors and staff, and financial sustainability.” 

For further details, please click this link:

The article also highlights the popularity of online museum resources during Lockdown.

Discussions about re-opening and what it might look like has started amongst local museums in Northern Ireland, guided by advice from governing bodies.