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Museum Accreditation Light Touch Review

Museum Accreditation review

The UK Accreditation Partners have announced that they will be undertaking a light-touch review of certain aspects of the Museum Accreditation Scheme in 2017.

The scheme, which launched in 1988 and grew from the sector itself, helps museums secure long-term public access to sustainable collections by promoting shared standards in how they are run, how they manage their collections and the experiences of users.

Scott Furlong, Director, Collections and Cultural Property, Arts Council England said: “The UK Accreditation Scheme has had a huge impact since its launch almost 30 years ago.  While the scheme remains vital and valued, as we reach the end of the first full cycle of the 2011 Accreditation Standard, there are certain aspects of Accreditation that would benefit from review.

In 2017, we will undertake a light-touch review of the Accreditation Scheme, working closely with our UK Partners: The Welsh Government, through Museums, Archives and Libraries Division (MALD); Museums Galleries Scotland and Northern Ireland Museums Council together with colleagues from the museums sector. This will ensure that Accreditation can continue to contribute effectively to the health and development of museums and so that we can mark its 30th birthday in 2018 with a newly refreshed scheme.”

NIMC will be in touch with all Northern Irish museums as details about the review process and timescales are confirmed.

For further information, please contact Daniel Taylor on 02890 550 215 or